Portion Control The Great Divide

Artist: Portion Control, Song: The Great Divide, Duration: 6:45, File type: mp3. №1415718557. ora the molecule helicopter e b sunrise remix.

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Stream songs including "The Great Divide", "Divided" and more. The Great Divide – EP. Portion Control. Electronic · 1985. Preview.

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• Portion Control – Katsu. Gary Shepard. Portion Control – Topic. • 1,2 тыс. просмотров 6 лет назад. Raise the Pulse.

Текст песни The Great Divide – Portion Control (Великий раздел) язык Английский | MuzText.com. Keep the colonels in power. Now that's what I call the great divide (Great divide). I'm looking for a reason. I'll help you let me go.

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Portion Control — The Great Divide. The Great Divide.

The Great Divide Lyrics. [Verse 1] I hope you're only joking I can't believe it's true To take away my freedom I know it's nothing new It doesn't touch your conscience To jumble up my mind A two-way stretch, it's not perfect No matter what you find. [Verse 2] The feeling is relentless There's nothing you.

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on The Dream (2012). [Chorus] We're fighting without a reason. It's time to end this great divide [Verse 1] How did.

Sep 5, 2020.

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Portion Control "The Great Divide" ( Side 2 / track 1) 'Album Purge' 1986
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The Great Divide ( 7") 7 RMIC 7. Came out in 1985, this track is the band's most famous hit. With this one, the band began to pass beyond the underground limits to reach a larger audience. Despite a more "poppy" approach, Portion Control's basics stills : John Wybrew's unique agressive and powerfull voice, Simmons electronic beats, irresistible.

Portion Control – The Great Divide. 15,00 €. 12,00 € 20% de descuento. Impuestos incluidos. Follow the price. La caseria grabaciones CGML 001 (Spain LP 1986).
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Listen to The Great Divide on Spotify. Portion Control · Song · 1986.